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Hampton Inn and Suites Seating sofa and chair Catalog


Hampton Inn and Suites Seating sofa and chair Catalog

1) Activity Chair
2) Lounge Chair

3) Chaise Sofa

4) Full Sofa Sleeper
5) Ottoman

6) C Table

A sleeper sofa and chaise are both operationally friendly and genuinely comfortable for guests to sit or sleep on. Minor variztions of this unit create upholstered options that fit better within various room types.

With each ATTITUDE, new arm and leg styles can be introduced.

The lightweighted C-table functions as both a desk and activity table that is easy to reposition from the comfort the lounge seat.

Specific seat depth, back angle and height mus be maintained to ensure proper support and guest comfort. Careful coordination of dimensions ensures the sofa/chaise, activity chair, lounge chair, ottomans and C-table all work well with each other.

The required and updated pullout bed frame mechanism eliminates feeling a bar in the middle of your back, while an improved sleeper sofa mattress technology provides support and comfort much like a traditional mattress.

Fabric teachnologies keep materials residential in feeling while offering durability. The softgoods contrast with the walls and the color is saturated but soothing. Neutral colors are acceptable as long as there is depth of texture and contrast to be the wall finish. The fabric is textured with no recognizable pattern and low nap. The accent pillow are pulled from the rest of the room. A contrasting welt may be used. Designers to coordinate leg finish with casegoods.

Key attributes of ottomans

Careful coordination of certain heights will ensure the ottomans, sofa, activity chair and C-table all work well together.
Concealed casters are integrated into the overall design allowing easy movement and guest placement.
Textured vinyl performance specifications provide the durability for use as a luggage bench or an ottoman
Pull are provided on two sides to ensure of mobility.
The style of the ottoman is simple and clean and allows an opportunity to add flavor and detail that relates to the overall room style. Color selection of vinyl upholstery should contrast with the streamline unit so as to stand out when tucked away.

Key attributes of Adjustable Activity Chair

A multi-functional activity chair provides the support of a task chair, the comfort of a lounge chair, and is easy to move around.

Attention to the overall shape, details and dimensions of the chair provide support and comfort.
The star base with casters provides stability, ease of movement and height adjustability.
Fabric performance specifications and standards allow for fabrics that are attrative and comfortable with the durability of the lastest fabric technology. For example: a fabric with Nano-tex or Crypton 2.0 or equal meet these criteria.
The height of the arm should not interfere with the desk edge or apron, regardless of the height setting on the chair

The coloration of the activity chair is crisp and clean. A contrasting, welt may be used and is an opportunity to repeat and reinforce a color used elsewhere in the room. Vinyl is not an acceptable selection. High performance fabrics in a small scale pattern or texture that complements the window treatment and sofa/chaise fabric should be used.