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Cabinet Door Options

----Solid Wood Door | Veneer Door | Melamine Door-----

Solid Wood

Wood frames create a beautiful struture for either a raised or recessed panel. Solid lumber is used to build sturdy and reliable cabinet door frames that will stand the rest of time.


Veneer is cut from a log into sheets in varying thickness, down to as thin as 1/40” thick, this allows you to get the look you want. Veneer is also environmentally friendly with a recycled wood fiber composite core, which offers you a truly resource conscious option. Thanks to its sturdy core, veneer doors are less susceptible to warping than solid wood doors and can provide a consistent color and grain pattern. Reconstituted veneers use high quality common wood veneers from responsibly managed forests that are reconstructed to offer a diverse variety of color, grain and texture options.


Melamine is a durable, coated paper-based product applied to a composite core and can also be refered to as Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL). Melamine doors and drawer fronts have a band around the edge to conceal and protect the composite core. Typically the core is made of MDF of Particleboard. The composite Panels Association (CPA) describes TFL as made by fusing-impregnated sheet of decor paper directly to substrate. Heat and pressure actibate the resin in the saturated TFL sheet, creating a cross-lined bond with the substrate. This effectively seals the substrate. Particleboard and MDF are ideal substrates for TFL because they are consistent, uniform in strenth, and free of defects. The Composite Panels Association (CPA) is now using the new term Thermally Fused Laminat (TFL) for this product, replacing Thermally Fused Melamine (TFM).

Jerry Hotel Furniture Limited is able to produce wood cabinet with granite, marble and engineered quartz countertop custom made for kitchenette and wetbar in hotel suite and studio guestroom. Varieties of wood material, design style and stone color and pattern for countertop are available to meet the specification and franchise requirement of brand hotel and dependant hotel. Welcome to inquiry, our professional and friendly staff and consultant is happy to discuss your bathroom and kitchen cabinet and countertop.