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Hampton Inn Barn Door

Hampton Inn Barn Door

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Hampton Inn and Suites FYI Sliding Barn Door

The sliding barn door enhance the perpection of space and cleanlines. Sliding doors are convenient and compact, saving space because they don't need the 5-10 square feet of floor area required where the door swings open to closed.

Key attributes:
1) Barn doors are an unexpected design element and serve multiple functional purpose
2) A full-length inset mirror is applied to the outside of the door when the door faces the entry. This eliminates the clutter of precious wall-mounted mirrors.
3) The FYI barn door serves as closet closure when in the open position.
4) Exposed modern door hardware with clean lines to match interior design scheme of guestroom.

Barn door           80" Height x 38 1/2" Width x 1 3/4" Thickness
ADA barn door    80" Height x 42" Width x 1 3/4" Thickness